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Inka Gold

*Please NOTE:  Sample jars of Inka Gold are hand filled to give you an option to test the colors without having to buy such a big jar.  Most often, for our use with polymer clay, the small jars are more than enough to last through hundreds of projects.

The jars are not filled by a machine, so sometimes they are over-filled.  In the air during shipping, they can sometimes expand and ooze and look like they have been opened and not new.  They have not been opened other than to fill them. 

"Strike it Rich" with the vibrant Inka-Gold fast drying metal gloss paint.

Inka-Gold is available in many shimmering colors, including the new Pastel colors!

Inka-Gold - Metal Gloss Paint

Inka-Gold is a creamy metal gloss paint that comes in a jar as a paste.
It is easy to apply to various surfaces including paper, wood, polymer clay and more.
It can be polished to bring out an even glossier shine.
Inka Gold comes in gorgeous, shimmering colors.

Inka-Gold can easily be applied, leaving a metallic glow bringing an elegance to everyday articles.
The color is simply applied using a sponge, using a circular motion, then polished to a beautiful gloss.
It dries quickly and works best on absorbent or porous surfaces.

Inka-Gold can be used on paper, clay and wood as well as other porous surfaces.

I have used IG on metal.  In fact I used it on a metal decoration I have in my yard.  I colored the metal in the Spring of 2012 and other than a little dust (we live in a windy part of Texas) the color is still beautiful.  I have decided I need to clean it and coat it  with a sealer because, if I rub the color, a very slight hint of it is left on my cloth although it doesn't look like any has come off.

So, my recommendation is, if you are adding it to something metal or any other non-porous surface or a surface that will get a lot of "touching", I would suggest you seal it.

Step-by-Step Instructions for applying Inka-Gold

Viva Decor Inka-Gold Metal Gloss Paint
can be applied to porous surfaces.

  1. Load a small amount of Inka-Gold onto a dry sponge.
  2. Rub the paint on your chosen object with a circular motion. The more you rub, the glossier it will become.
  3. After the first coat ha dried, you can apply a second coat to give an even more brilliant metallic finish.
  4. After the application has dried, you can buff it gently with a soft dry cloth.
  5. Other products can be applied after the Inka-Gold has dried.

Inka-Gold is:

  • Fast Drying
  • Contains Natural Bee's Wax
  • Easy to Apply
  • A Water-based Acrylic
  • Weather and Water Resistant
How to care for Inka Gold:

VIVA DECOR's Inka gold is a water based beeswax paste with no chemical additives or preservatives. For best results, use a clean cosmetic sponge or dauber to apply to your surface. When finished, leave a baby wipe in the container to keep your Inka gold fresh and moist.

Note: Please don't use a wipe that has any fragrance or lotions added as this may react with the product.

Also, add a drop of water and rubbing alcohol from time to time to help prevent developing molds.

Dried Up Inka-Gold?

Add fresh water or rubbing alcohol to the jar.
Poke holes to break up the Inka Gold and disperse the liquid throughout the paste. Screw the lid tightly on the jar and let it sit several hours or over night. The Inka-Gold will be nice and creamy again.

You may also try slightly heating the product to melt the beeswax.

Click to take a look at Wendy Orlowski's review of Inka Gold...

Inka Gold was appied to the edges of these beautiful pendants made by Wendy Orlowski, creator of CaBezel Jewelry Molds.
Wendy also did an experiment with Inka Gold and a Crackle Technique.  Click here to see.
Check out Wendy's blog post showing one of my favorite ways to use Inka Gold with rubber stamps.

Be sure to read up on her Cabezels while you are there.

Download our free tutorial -
Highlighting Textures with Inka Gold

Give your polymer clay creations the look of metal using Inka-Gold!
The silver water lilies a the left were made by Penni Jo Couch using Silver Inka-Gold on a clay piece made using the Egyptian Symbols mold.
Viva Decor’s Inka Gold is a revolutionary product that produces an amazing metallic finish without any toxic chemicals. With beeswax as one of the main ingredients, Inka Gold is safe and easy to use in all crafting and home decor projects. Just rub it on and polish! Inka Gold comes in brilliant high opacity colors. One large jar of Inka Gold can cover up to 80 square ft. Excellent for refinishing or accenting furniture. Also great for paper mache boxes, chipboards, paper crafting and much more.
I found a blog that features the art of Roberta M.  She has photos of her beautiful work using Inka Gold.