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PLEASE SEE WARRANTY INFO BELOW. Shipping is included in the price. We can only ship to the contiguous US and it must go by Ground Shipping because it is an aerosol. Delivery time, not usually but SOMETIMES can take up to 3 weeks.
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Product Description

Preserve Your Memories II (PYM 2) - Spray Varnish that works beautifully with Polymer Clay!

Sample provided by Patty Barnes

I cannot say enough about this spray varnish!! It is quick and easy to apply and it dries in about 2 minutes!!

It leaves a medium glossy finish.
Not so shiny that you lose details in your project but just shiny enough to give some sparkle!!

It is perfect for protecting metallic powders and other detailing work!
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PYM II Spray Varnish

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Not only is this great for spraying polymer clay but you can also use it for it's original purpose of preserving your important papers and memories. Great for scrapbookers as well as polymer clay artists!!

  • VOC exempt
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Dries in less than 2 minutes
  • Non-yellowing
  • Provides Write - Erasable surface
  • Includes a proven UV blocker
  • Reduces color fading
  • Takes on texture of material being coated
  • Coats paper, vellum, plastics, metals, marker, pencil, chalks and more.
  • Water Repellent
  • Acid Free
  • Made in the USA

Read more by another great Polymer Clay Artist that loves this product!

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Shipping price is fixed.  Shipping will take 3 - 21 days by Parcel Select (required because it is an aerosol so must be shipped by ground).  Tracking is not provided.

If you add other items to your cart you will be charged postage for them.

 12 ounces will last a long time and be well worth the price for the time it saves!


Available now!

Preserve Your Memories II is a clear, aerosol spray coating that protects and helps preserve paper as well as Polymer Clay! Spray it on polymer clay, newspaper clippings, ink-jet printed photos, children's artwork, wood, metals and more to protect against color fading and yellowing. It adds a beautiful shine to polymer clay pieces!

You can spray it on before or after curing your polymer clay piece. It is recommended, as with other varnishes you have used on PC, that you heat cure it for a longer lasting protection.

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How To

PYM II needs to be sprayed on in a thin coat.  If you want additional gloss, let the piece dry and then spray again.  If you spray it on too thickly or too soon between coats, it may remain sticky.  The first coat should always be a thin misting then the second still a thin coat, not thick. PYM II is dry to the touch in about 2 minutes but not completely cured until 24 hours.


PYM II takes on the texture of the material sealed. Matte will stay Matte, Gloss will stay gloss.  It won’t change the appearance.
UV Protection
PYM II also has UV protection. As always spray something similar first as a trial to see if this is the look you want.
Sprayed on Jewelry to be worn against the skin - We have not had anyone post or report any reactions but everyone's body is different and reacts differently.  For example - some people cannot wear any jewelry that is not gold or silver because their body reacts to the materials. 
Be sure to let it dry for 24 to 36 hours before wearing.


Product Videos

Polymer Clay Compatibility Testing (05:47)
Video #375: Just because someone says you can use something on polymer clay (i.e. paints, finishes, glazes, glues, etc.), doesn't always mean it is true. Really, the only sure way to know is to test for yourself (or watch my videos ;-).- In today's video I show my test samples with the name of the product and date it was applied.- Some finishes seem fine at first, but will react with polymer clay over time.- Example of a product that got sticky after a few days - Vintaj Patina Inks on baked polymer clay (air dried not heat set).- Example of a sample sprayed with PYMII over three years ago, that still looks as good as new.- Please don't trust everything you see on the web.- You can always trust the information you learn here at the Polymer Clay Tutor, because I have tested it myself.Brought to you by Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor. There's lots more polymer clay tips and ideas over at my blog. If you are interested, here is the direct link: http://www.beadsandbeading.com/blog/?p=16935And finally, if you enjoyed this video, please do click the LIKE button. Subscribe too... for lots more entertaining and educational videos every week!
  • Polymer Clay C...
    Video #375: Just because someone says you can use something on...

Warranty Information

Shipping is included in the $22.95 price. You will not be charged shipping unless you add other items to your shopping cart and then you will only be charged for shipping based on those items.
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Product Reviews

  1. Another use, different result

    Posted by Happy Clayer on 12th Nov 2013

    All things don't work for everything. It is pricy, but for my use it solves my problem and uses very little, so, for my use, I'm happy. I wanted to use it between layers of alcohol ink so the inks didn't run together and give me ugly black lines. I put on inks, not next to each other. Spray. Then, add more ink between. Prevents inks from running together. I can then bake the clay with no problems. Don't know if other varnishes can be baked. Just my experience, your results may vary.

  2. Did not work at all for me..

    Posted by Brenna L on 17th Jul 2013

    I bought this hoping that it would be better than the MUCH less expensive sprays I can get in stores near me. It did not coat my paper crafts any better than the other sprays. It scratches right off, even after three generous coats, along with the ink that it's supposed to be protecting. I was really looking forward to trying this out, but was unfortunately really disappointed. I'm not sure if it'd be worth shipping back with the return cost.

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