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Pardo Polymer Clay Comments

Send me a note about your experience with this new clay.

"I love Pardo ~ Jewellery Clay" - Lisa Pavelka

Lisa Pavelka Talks about Pardo at CHA presented by Polymer Clay Productions
I like the Pardo clay, quite a lot. The colors seem to intensify after baking; it's workable right out of the jar. Since most of what I do is jewelry, I like that I don't have to slice pieces from a bar to condition it, Pardo comes in little balls in a plastic jar. I mentioned in another post that Chicago can be particularly humid, and my other favorite clay (Premo) can become sticky/gummy and I have to keep refrigerating it. While Pardo is just about as soft, it doesn't become *too* soft to work.
Cheers, Carla. - 8/25/2009

I *love* it. It's great that it's so easy to work right out of the jar; and even though it's soft, it's not mushy or gummy. I'm still a big Premo fan, but in hot weather it can be a chore to handle - constantly having to refrigerate pieces to make it workable. The other thing I like is that it's so easy to remove fingerprints on the raw clay. I wipe over it lightly with a *slightly* moistened kleenex and the print is just gone. That means I can work it right up until the time I'm putting it in the oven.
Carla 07/20/2009

Trish, This stuff (Pardo) is awesome! When it is cured and glaze is applied, the depth is amazing. I will send you a picture when I get one although I don't think a pic will do it justice. Cheryl 07/10/2009

I'm anxious to see the new colors, too.  One thing I did find is that some colors darken when baked, to a richer color.  For instance, one is called Lapis.  The blue doesn't look so much like lapis until baked.  Then it's a deep rich blue.

I was able to get a sample of each of the colors at CHA to play with.  I brought it home and invited several clay buddies over to experiment.  We were all very impressed with this new clay.  I did have some fun putting the clay thru the #9 setting on the Makin's machine, then after baking cutting ribbons with scissors and tying bows.  Due to arthritic hands, I don't like the harder clays, so I don't do much caning.  I've also noticed with the other brands that one will be really crumbly and another very soft.  I found each color pretty much the same softness with Pardo.  Oddly, they didn't get real mushy when we played and the clay canes beautifully.  When we tried to slice the canes, I couldn't believe the ease of slicing, even with an old blade.  The canes didn't squish like I'm used to and with refrigeration for 10-15 min. makes it even easier to slice.  They also reduced wonderfully and kept clear/crisp colors.  We mixed the clay with Fimo Soft and Premo with no problems, too.

The clay does not dry out any more than any polymer clay, so that's not the issue.  It's something you do really need to, at least, try.
Judi 3/5/2009

This stuff is great! I was one of the people Judi let play with it. It does everything they mention about the clay plus a few extras. It canes like you wouldn’t believe without distortion or smearing. Slices beautifully, holds texture superbly, can be rolled out on a Makin’s #9 and baked and then tied into a knot without breaking, also this setting will hold a twisted ribbon shape even through baking, buffs up Very quickly. It also mixes well with Premo and Fimo Soft, either completely blended in or just marbled.

Love the colors from my first order, the metallic just shimmers and has more depth.  I'm wondering if the base is more transparent than other clays.

Just wanted to let you know I received my order today. I can't wait to try out the new clay. I was amazed that it was so workable, right out of the jar.

Carla 2/20/2009

The new clay (Pardo) is available in 68 colors and is considered a jewelry clay so it is more of a jewel tone jewelry palette, many with mica. It is put out by Viva Decor in Germany and their website doesn't have much info in English. The clay comes in jars 2.7 oz. and is packaged as little balls about gumball sized.

It has no odor when raw or baking.

It is easy to condition and says it contains beeswax. I'm not sure what that does but they say it replaces other chemicals so theirs is more natural.

I was able to run it thru my pasta machine on a 9 which always tore other brands.

It cures at 130 C which translates to 266 F but 275F worked fine.

It is very duarable when cured. A number 9 could be tied in a bow and a number 1 bookmark size could bend in a circle and touch itself again without breaking.

I am able to cane with it but I think I still prefer Kato for detailed canes. It seems to be able to do everything it should do but has a beautiful range of colors that aren't available with other brands and it's extra durable.

Viva Decor also has other paint effects such as the Precious Metal Paints that I absolutely love. I have tried them on the clay and they don't scratch off. They cover really well. The colors are to die for.
Robin 2/12/2009


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